We're Your Company's
Social Media Department.

Outsourcing your social media marketing to Newmira Media could pay for itself with increased organic brand awareness, increased sales, and through our speedy & stellar customer support.

We save you time and work while we help you grow & scale your business.

Do your social media right, so you actually get results. Because you and your brand are better than amateur hour.
For less than an in-house salary, you can hire a team of expert brand-builders.
We grow your brand but we won’t blow your budget.
Our end-to-end strategies are built on a month-to-month basis and get tweaked whenever needed. Every company is different; we don’t do once-size-fits-all solutions. Like any good relationship, we’ll take this a day at a time.
You’ll see how we consistently prove ourselves with great work. And you’ll see for yourself as your ROI grows as your stress goes away.

What We Do For You:

Social Media

Social Media

Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales.  Read More



We shoot video of you, your company, your employees (or paid models), and your product(s) in way that demonstrates, explains the benefits, and engages  Read More



The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to have search engine spiders not only find your website, but also rank the page relevance so that it   Read more



Professional photography helps tell your story. Indeed, a picture says a thousand words, but they also engage your audience on first glance with content that adds real value Read More


Press Releases

The goal for companies issuing press releases is to gain instant exposure, build trust with customers, and to increase traffic to their website   Read More


Reputation Management

Newmira Media conducts a wide range of reputation management services for your business that can clean up a negative internet reputation and help Read More


We can’t and we won’t take on just any client who wants to hire us. We vet our potential clients to ensure we’re the right fit for each other and that we’ll be successful with you longterm.
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Just some direct benefits of using social media for business include:

  • Gaining more website traffic
  • Interacting with your customers
  • Increased sales
  • Reputation management
  • Marketing research
  • Inexpensive
  • The reach is global
  • Save on advertising

Social Media Marketing can show a direct ROI from what you invest in social media marketing, through increased sales, deeper customer engagement you don’t get from your website alone. Also through faster and more efficient customer support by answering comments under your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and from direct messages within the social media platforms.

We do an extensive interview with you and everyone in your company who’s involved in marketing and branding so we can fully understand your business and your brand. We discuss strategy and content extensively with you and your team in order to fully understand your objectives and the voice of your brand.

Then we provide a storage folder in the cloud where you and your staff can load all your brand content for us to use: advertising, brochures, white papers, notes, logos, etc.., And of course all your photos and videos suitable for use in social media.

Then as we get to work, it’s a constant conversation between your team and ours for first month or two to ensure we’re aligned with your vision and the strategy we all agreed on.

Our filmmakers and photographers will be periodically need to come out on location and shoot short videos take photos of your products/services and people; employees and willing customers who are open to talking about your firm and why they are a satisfied customer. Short but very authentic videos connect with your customers and engage your fans (and create new followers) as they tell your story. And of course photos do the same, but not quite as well as video.

After the initial first month of setting up and optimizing your social media accounts — Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinedIn — and we begin to see results, we provide you with complete analytics to analyze results. We use complex tracking and analytics tools to tell us (and you) how we’re doing on all platforms.

We also use Google Analytics connected to your website so we can track how much traffic (and customers) we’ve sent to your website.

No. It’s not just about being creative and posting “cool stuff” and then crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. Statistics and tracking to tell us what we’re doing right, and where, when and how we need to improve.