Press Releases Promote Your Business and Help SEO

Whether you are a startup looking to show up on Google when somebody searches for your company name or an existing business with a new product and wanting to appear when somebody searches for your brand, press release SEO (search engine optimization) is what you need.

We help you leverage press releases to build your brand in Google in just 3 easy steps.

We’ve seen clients (one was a startup) whose brand did not appear on Google’s organic search results. Then within 6 weeks after us writing and sending out press releases to all of our media sources — including Google News, Bing News, Financial feeds and social media blasts —  their brand appeared at the #1 organic search result in Google.

What Does This Mean For YOU?

You want journalists to come out, shoot photos or video and write about you, your business, your product(s) and/or services and the solutions you provide in the marketplace. This helps get the word out about your business … for free.

A good news story about your business will explain what you do and drive traffic to your website and social media accounts; connect you to your potential customers and help you sell more, and improve your website ranking on all the major search engines.

But Then It Does Even More SEO:

A press release is a short story about your business and all the benefits of what you offer. We use quotes from you or whomever you designate as your company spokesperson. We also use key words that match those on your social media accounts and website. And we include links to your social media and your website.

Even if a single reporter never calls you to do a news story on your business for their newspaper, website, blog or TV station, when we send out your press release to our vast network of media sources it will be posted on their websites forever.

Now you have a keyword-rich pages full of backlinks to your website and social media accounts on hundreds of high-ranking powerful, high quality websites that tell Google, BING and Yahoo that you have strong social signals pointing to your website.

Imagine having authority websites like your local news websites, as well as and all their affiliate stations’ websites, FOX News and all their affiliate stations’ websites, CBS News and their affiliates, ABC News and affiliates, etc.. in addition to numerous news and features blogs, industry blogs and more, all linked back to your website. Having all these powerful backlinks is a guaranteed way to increase your social signals and SEO over time.

Talk to us today about getting out the word about your unique business and start increasing your SEO!