Reputation Management


We help you generate authentic reviews from your customers on Yelp!, Google Reviews and at the top pf Google search page’s “Local 3-Pack” which helps generate new business for you.

Nemira Media conducts a wide range of reputation management services for your business that can clean up a negative internet reputation and help maintain a positive online image or for new businesses, build an online reputation from zero.

  • GENERATE REVIEWS: Increase the number of positive reviews you receive for your business. Direct your customers to leave positive reviews on the sites you want more reviews on to improve your rating.

  • TRACK REVIEWS: We will receive regular updates of both positive and negative reviews and be able to track what is being said or not said about your business.

  • CUSTOMER CARE: We will quickly respond to negative reviews so you can address customer issues and maintain your online brand reputation. Timely responses to negative reviews will help build customer relations and decrease customer dissatisfaction that could potentially lead to lost business.

  • FILTER REVIEWS: Filter your review feed by rating, time period, source and or status to identify which areas and sites to focus on.

  • ANALYTICS: Our analytics provide valuable insight so you can implement educated changes to your improve your business.

Custom Reputation Management

We take time studying your business and the current state of its online reputation. We present a customized plan that includes some or, depending on your needs, all of the reputation management strategies we offer.

We’ll then monitor your business’s reputation over time. By using several methods to monitor the fluctuation of your online image, we’re able to stay on top of any increasing negative content and counteract them.

We’ll not only address potential threats to your image but will keep you in the loop and offer insights about strategies you can implement on your own to prevent further attacks from damaging your reputation.

We also go out and gain new positive reviews for your business so you can gain more traction and new business over time. Most importantly, positive online reviews increases your search engine page rankings.

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